Aims & Objectives

1) To Trace the etymology of traditional and classic dishes with detailed references of origin and comprehensive ethnic recipes.

2) To enlist and recognize heritage status for traditional ingredients, culinary techniques and inventions, terminology, utensils and tools.

3) To protect outstanding examples of our global food heritage, worthy of preservation to boost national and international pride.

4) To Improve the process of archival preservation and arrange availability for dissemination.

5) To curate programs for generating interest in the current generation to record and safeguard national cultural heritage with specific reference to disappearing culinary heritage, customs and traditions.

6) To Create platforms that encourage the sharing and exchange of traditional culinary philosophy, science and art.

7) To remain a pivot while addressing the worldwide concern about the loss and erosion of certain languages, linguistic references and expressions in culinary repertoire and society.

8) To create awareness among stake holders to revive the linguistic heritage and culinary terminology.

9) To initiate and improve nationwide programs for the protection of heritage produce and the natural environment.

10) To catalogue the archives and opportunities for building awareness about the aims and objectives.